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    The Next Generation of Qi Technology

    The longest distance functional wireless charger that can output 10W of power over 30mm of distance.

    4 Qi coils and a proprietary magnetic amplification system to provide maximum distance and charging efficiency with a discrete form factor.

    Charge Through Your Table

    InvisQi sets a new standard in long-range charging by employing an unmatched long-distance charge function that can penetrate virtually any organic material up to 30mm or 1.18" thick.

    Universal Compatibility

    InvisQi's revolutionary Qi compatibility module makes it universally compatible with virtually any Qi-ready device on the market bar none.

    10W Fast Charging

    An amalgam of proprietary systems ensure that your charging takes half the time of other wireless chargers, a testimony to InvisQi's electrifyingly fast charging speeds up to 10W.

    Overcharging and Heat Protection

    An internal safety switch guarantees that no harm will ever come to your device while charging it normally - this includes foreign object detection and temperature control features.

    We're changing the way you think about Qi charging.

    InvisQi is in no way a prototype but rather a culmination of years of hard work and meticulous research. By taking inventory of what the market had to offer in regards to charging strength, design, and applied compatibility, we were able to produce a revolutionary device that not only charges at a much longer distance than any other charger on the market but one that does so without compromising on form or aesthetics.

    Tech Specs

    Up To 10W Wireless Fast Charging

    15-30mm Charging Distance

    DC 5V/2A Input

    FCC CE ROHS Certifications